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September 5, 2016

Vendor Showcase for September 17th-18th!

our vendors

We are pleased to announce our Vendor Showcase for Santas, Mrs. Claus and Holiday Professionals at the September 17-18th school session of the Northern Lights Santa Academy. The following vendors have been confirmed, and we have others tentatively scheduled, that will be announced shortly.

Santa’s Clauset
Tom Cortemeglia
A wide variety of Santa supplies and accessories

Robbie’s Creations
Robbie Hite
Custom tailored Santa and Mrs. Claus wardrobe and accessories.

Deborah Medley
Mrs C’s Clauset
Custom tailored Santa and Mrs. Claus wardrobe and accessories.

Santa Willie Smith
Leather items, belts, suspenders, bells, Naughty & Nice books

August 9, 2016

Discover Santa for Yourself – Santa Jeaux’s Branson Experience

By Joe “Santa Jeaux” Pridgen

We arrived a few days early to Branson, so we could celebrate the 4th of July and see some of the sites around the town. On entering the hotel, the Chateau on the Lake Resort, which served as the central area for the entire event, a surprise was waiting for us in the 10-story atrium. Santa was hanging from a rope at about the 7th floor, as if he was rappelling from the rooftop. Of course, that’s all the further he got since he was a plastic mock-up.  Below him, though, were a few very nice restaurants and meeting areas along with landscaping of trees, bushes and ponds with a stream.


May 29, 2016

It’s Back to School for Santa and His Helpers!

Northern Lights Santa Academy - SchoolNorthern Lights Santa Academy Opens in Atlanta, GA

Christmas is coming early for those that want to know more about the opportunities and lifestyles of those Jolly Men in Red. Both new and experienced Santas throughout the Southeast who want to to be a professional in the industry can now learn firsthand from two seasoned Santas. With over 40 years of combined experience the instructors at Northern Lights Santa Academy bring a wealth of information to the classroom.

“This school will be unlike any school currently available throughout the country in several ways.” Santa Rick said: “We will not only offer the ‘standard’ information and classes, but a ‘fluid’ set of rotating classes individually tailored and made available based on the individual experience and needs of each Santa who pre-registers.” Santa Rick said, “There will be many other innovative things we are doing during each school session that are not being done at other Santa schools throughout the country.”


Based out of the metro-Atlanta, Georgia area, the Northern Lights Santa Academy serves Santa Clauses, Mrs. Clauses and Santa's Helpers in the Southeastern United States, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. For more information about our Santa school, please contact us.  

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