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What Students Have To Say About The Northern Lights Santa Academy: 

"Wow. What a weekend. As a first time Santa I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had been online and looked at some sites and read about their schools. A couple of my friends who done it before asked why I had wasted $300 for school. After this weekend I can give them 1000 reasons why I went to a school and after looking at the other options I can probably give them 1000 reasons why I will go back to your school in the fall. I can’t believe how much I learned and how much I learned that I don’t know. Gonna be a summer of studying and practice. The whole weekend was great I especially how there was a schedule and everything stayed on time all weekend. Thanks again and I will see you in the fall. "
- Santa Randy C.

"Totally blown away.  Still buzzing with ideas and input."
- Santa D.J.

"Northern Lights Santa Academy is a great place to learn to be a better performer as well as meet and learn from other Santas. The level of experience shared between the instructors is second to none. It is a large enough school to attract instructors like Santa True all the way from California but small enough to feel the personal touch from each instructor there. Santa Rick and Tracy go above and beyond to make sure everyone gets the most out of the classes. If you're a new Santa, you should definitely attend. if you're a seasoned Santa, you should definitely attend. Thank you NLSA!!"
- Santa Michael S.

"The heartfelt love and compassion from every instructor, leader or staff member was amazing.  Vendors are energetic, helpful, friendly but not pushy.  I know feel like I not only have a support team but a family forever!"
- Mrs. Claus Kelly K.

"Extraordinary speakers. Excellent Vendors. Camaraderie unsurpassed."
- Santa Doug V.

"Northern Lights ALWAYS listens to attendees input to keep changing each school and instructors to better the educational experience!"
- Santa Dennis G.

"Each NLSA is better than the last.  Can't wait to come back to the next one!"
- Mrs. Claus Darlene W.

"I have attended two other, high profile named Santa schools. Both were very good and taught different aspects of being Santa. And, I recommend both of those schools. But your Santa training will not be complete without attending the Northern Lights Santa Academy. They teach several very useful classes that the other schools do not. Mrs Claus and I were very happy with the Spring 2017 school and are planning on attending the Fall school as well."
- Santa Barry W.

"They know their stuff and it was taught well. if you get the chance to go, don't pass it up....well worth the experience."
- Santa Steve B.

"My experience this past weekend during the spring class was phenomenal. So much information was put out and I plan to build on that information. As a building would go with a good foundation, so is my Santa career. I definitely have a good foundation. Thank you Santa Rick and Tracy. I highly recommend the Northern Lights Santa Academy to anyone wanting to improve themselves as a person and become a better Santa."
- Santa John S.

"Quality knowledge, great exercise with skilled instructors and good conversation with others in the community."
- Noelle the Elf

"It was a great learning experience and the camaraderie was beyond my expectations. Would definitely go again. Thanks to Tracy and Santa Rick for an outstanding Santa School."
- Santa John J.

"I thoroughly enjoyed all of the classes and information shared. And I'll be a better Santa for attending."
- Santa Shannon T.

"If any Santa needs to improve their performance, this is the place to do it."
- Santa Bruce G.

"It was a great experience. We got some really good advice from the instructors and also from the many Santas that we met. It was well worth the time and money we spent."
- Santa Chuck H.

"This school always offers great content that is relevant to Santa/Mrs. Claus/Elves to better hone their craft."
- Mrs. Claus Regina J.

"Hands-on, experiential learning. Fast-paced to cover lots of info, but with time built-in for questions, discussion & learning informally. Everyone is willing to share their successes & failures to help others learn. Fall & Spring have different emphasis. Looking forward to the next one! I highly recommend NLSA!"
- Santa Gordon P.

"This was the best school I have ever attended. Content and quality of the instructors was off the chart. The storytelling and special needs instructions were phenomenal. Can't wait for the fall."
- Santa Carl J.

"Great classes, vendors and guests. I really enjoyed the weekend!! Great job!"
- Santa Earl P.

"Absolutely loved the conference! Very upbeat and positive. You did a fantastic job..."
- Mrs. Claus Mitzi C.

"Great school! Good stuff! I'm a first-timer! Great foundation to start!"
- Santa Fielding

"This is the Santa School... professional... fun... and the true meaning of Santa. And everyone is there to help. If you want to be sure being a Santa is for you...Northern Lights Staff will make you BELIEVE!"
- Santa Bob W.

"This was my first Santa school and Northern Lights Santa Academy made it very special for me.  Thanks to Santa Rick and all of the staff and vendors for an experience I will never forget."
- Santa Tim W.

"I've attended the Northern Lights Santa Academy twice now and both times have been great. It's the best Santa school that I've attended. Very professionally run and informative.  It will definitely help me be a better Santa. I would highly recommend to all new and experienced Santas looking to hone their craft."
- Santa Doug K.

"Such an amazing opportunity and experience. We learned so much and left craving the next school. The community of people are honorable and kind. What a blessing."
- Mrs. Claus Angela S.

"Tremendous way to raise your performance to the next level!"
- Santa John P.

"Santa Rick has brought together an incredible team of knowledgeable and inspirational professionals who make the experience one not to be missed."
- Santa James G.

"Every school that I attend gives me the opportunity to become a greater Santa. This school took it to a higher level... with the great instructors, work shops, and experienced​ Santas in the class it kicked it up a notch. I am looking forward to the next class."
-Santa William H. 

"This school is very well done and concentrates on improvement of Santa skills. Quality instructors and spot on subjects made for an enjoyable weekend."
- Santa Willie W. 

"Just finished the Santa Academy, met 70 plus fantastic Santas ---my brothers in red!!!!!!! Excellent time to learn, share and experience the Santa brotherhood!!!!Thank you for this great opportunity!!!"
- Santa Bill H. 

"This is an amazing school!"
- Mrs. Tammy Claus

"Mrs. Claus and I have attended 2 NLSAs and are anxiously waiting for #3. Santa Rick and the lovely Tracy do an outstanding job of bringing the the best of the best in terms of not only presenters, but a varied and wide array of vendors as well. One can truly get everything one needs here at NLSA! That includes: An education, Accessories, Suits, Advice, Fellowship and probably most important, Mentoring. This, the Mentoring aspect of NLSA, to me, was and is one of the most significant and important opportunities. Santa Rick & Tracy have come up with a system that identifies those seasoned veteran Santas and Mrs. Claus's who are willing to be mentors and also identify the less seasoned, or novice Santas & Mrs. Claus's. Allowing these two groups to "find" each other during the weekend and share, learn and get to know one another. BRILLIANT!! SO, you can tell, I'm ALL IN with the Northern Lights Santa Academy. Santa Rick? Tracy? WHEN DO WE DO THIS AGAIN??"
- Santa Gary I.

"What a fantastic school. Beth and I really enjoyed the classes. Cannot wait to try the hair whitening procedure."
- Santa Bill R. 

"My experience with the Northern Lights Santa Academy was phenomenal. The guest speakers were very informative for all Christmas performers, including elves. Even though I'm a fairly seasoned elf, I came away from the school with new information on how to better myself as a Christmas performer. The Northern Lights Santa Academy had awesome vendors that were readily available to help with costuming and accessories. I highly recommend going to the Northern Lights Santa Academy whether you are a new Christmas performer or a seasoned performer. "
- Elf Virigina M.

"I really enjoyed the April 2017 session. I learned a lot from the many presenters and the various role playing. This was not a social gathering although there were plenty of opportunities to socialize with other Santas and Mrs. Claus. The course material was in depth and covered a lot of different subjects. The instructors knew their material and were engaging to listen to. I can highly recommend this school for both new Santas and those looking to hone their skills."
- Santa Perry E.  

"The instructors did a great job and the special needs program was what I needed to to work with my special needs clients."
- Santa Charles C. 

"What an amazing weekend! Learned so much and had a blast hanging out with Santas!!"
- Mrs. Claus Missy M.

"My husband and I had so much fun learning about what it means to be Santa and meeting so many kind, interesting, and jolly Santas and Mrs. Claus'. Thank you for putting together this Santa Academy!"
Mrs. Claus, Erica W.  

"Had a great time...Donny and enjoyed it..we love seeing and meeting all the Santas."
Mrs. Claus Toni S. 

"I would give Northern Lights 5 out of 5 stars. Instructors and subjects covered were excellent . I feel anytime I can, as an experienced Santa, learn new tricks and find better ways of marketing myself it’s well worth the cost. And the hospitality of the locals was amazing. Will definitely return."
- Santa Stephen P.

"Had an amazing weekend with lots of terrific Santas, I am looking forward to next year's classes already."
- Santa Howard H. 

"I really enjoyed the weekend, it was my first Santa school and I learned a ton of information. Can't wait till the fall class, thanks Santa Rick."
- Santa Andy B. 

"What a fantastic weekend, this is the fifth Santa school I have attended, including the first Northern Lights Santa Academy, which was very good, but this was one was fantastic. Mary and I are looking forward to the next one."
- Santa Mike A 

Based out of the metro-Atlanta, Georgia area, the Northern Lights Santa Academy is the largest Santa school in the Southeastern United States, serving Santa Clauses, Mrs. Clauses and Santa's Helpers in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, as well as throughout the country. For more information about our Santa school, please contact us.  

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