Santa Richard

Richard Harris, Instructor

Santa Richard has been a barber and hair designer for 49 years! He graduated from the California Concept School of Hair Design and has owned The Upper Cut Salon for 38 years! Santa Richard has always had a beard and mustache, which made him look similar to Santa, but he didn’t grow the beard out until he began to take the Santa persona seriously. He keeps his beard (all natural) and hair snowy white and Christmas ready all year! So, he basically ALWAYS look like a jolly old elf!

He has been Santa Richard for about 10 years total. He started as Santa Richard with a simple Santa suit bought on clearance by his wife and used this to take his first Santa pictures with his 3 oldest grandchildren in 2013. From that point, his interest in becoming Santa Richard grew! Starting school with Santa Rick and Elf Tracy several years ago, really got the “snowball” rolling and he has done everything from home visits with children to holiday parties at private events and appearing in parades! Santa Richard’s costumes, skills, persona, confidence, and love for this responsibility have evolved to make him a jolly happy Santa who looks forward to every Christmas season with a twinkle in his eye!

He joyfully takes on the Santa personality anytime of the year! He can spot a child with a questioning look and quickly responds to look with the words, “Yes, I am Santa Claus!” When children (and some adults) walk away with a joyful heart, that makes Santa Richard happy! 

Santa Richard and his wife have 4 children and 6 grandchildren; and one sweet dog,  Mila!  He enjoys gardening and working in the yard. He plays golf when he can and is an avid Georgia Bulldog fan! Santa Richard is a rock and roll music fan and attends a concert now and then.

We are proud to welcome Santa Richard to our team of instructors this session!

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