Julia Kracke

Julia Kracke, Instructor

Julia is a mix of customer service, graphic design, sales, and photography for ThermApparel.

She joined the ThermApparel team of Kurtis Kracke and Brad Dunn, making the company the trio they are today after a 20+ year career as a professional photographer at Kracke Photography photographing 300+ weddings, families, events, and babies and kids. 

ThermApparel makes and sells a lightweight, comfortable, and intuitively designed cooling vest for anyone who struggles with temperature regulation or works in a hot environment and Julia loves talking to people about the heat and how to avoid heat stress. 

Her immense empathy for helping people get through stressful and difficult times helps not only our customers but anyone else who happens to cross her path. 

When she was a child and she asked her mom if Santa was real, her mom told her, “Yes, he is real, he is the spirit of Christmas.” She has believed in the positive power of Santa ever since. 

To know Julia is to know her 5 fur babies, one of which is a 3 legged cat and a love for gardening, swimming, and the uncompromising ability to always see a good perspective on whatever happens.

We are pleased to welcome Julia to our team of instructors this session!

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