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"School Special" from Santa Magic available exclusively at our March session.

Santa Magic is offering this "School Special" for a total cost of $99 ($145 value) at our March 3-4 session and it includes the following items:

  • Santa's Magic Bag ($50 value)
  • Elf ($20 value)
  • Santa's Magic Snow - special 6 oz container ($40 value)
  • TwasThe Night Before Christmas - A Magical Presentation ($35 value)

A New Twist On A Classic Tale!

Few books are considered an American “classic” and become ingrained in the popular culture internationally. But Clement Clarke Moore’s, “An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas”, later known as “The Night Before Christmas” has achieved such an honor.

Perfect in creativity and imagination this story brings to life the most magical evening of the year when Santa Claus appears at the home of every boy and girl to bring them gifts, and fill their homes and lives with magical moments and good cheer. 

And while this story book has been replicated many times over since 1823 with incredible illustrations, no one has ever before re-created this book as a magical presentation . . . until now! 

“Twas the Night Before Christmas - A Magical Presentation” allows the storyteller to add another dimension to this classic tale. Children will see first-hand the magic of this book, as they watch blank pages transform before their eyes, first with words, and then with images as they appear on the page. And at the end of the story, just as they appeared in the beginning, the words and images will disappear before their very eyes, leaving the children filled with a sense of wonderment, and magnifying the magic that only Christmas can bring. 

If you are a Santa, Mrs. Claus, or and Elf who wishes to enhance your storytelling repertoire and become the highlight of the night with a magical presentation of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, order your copy today . . . before they disappear! 

Everyone will be saying: The only thing more magical than this book - is the spirit of Christmas itself! 

$30 plus + tax/shipping

Items to make your Santa visit more magical!


Santa's Magic Thumbs
$15 + tax/shipping


Christmas Tree Art
$99 + tax/shipping


Color Changing Silk Scarf
$25 + tax/shipping


Santa's Magical Change Bag
With Zippered Bottom
$50 + tax/shipping


Santa's Magic Snow
$15  + tax/shipping


Santa's Magical Ring
Prop Size 13
$15 + tax/shipping

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