It’s Back to School for Santa and His Helpers!

Northern Lights Santa Academy - SchoolNorthern Lights Santa Academy Opens in Atlanta, GA

Christmas is coming early for those that want to know more about the opportunities and lifestyles of those Jolly Men in Red. Both new and experienced Santas throughout the Southeast who want to to be a professional in the industry can now learn firsthand from two seasoned Santas. With over 40 years of combined experience the instructors at Northern Lights Santa Academy bring a wealth of information to the classroom.

“This school will be unlike any school currently available throughout the country in several ways.” Santa Rick said: “We will not only offer the ‘standard’ information and classes, but a ‘fluid’ set of rotating classes individually tailored and made available based on the individual experience and needs of each Santa who pre-registers.” Santa Rick said, “There will be many other innovative things we are doing during each school session that are not being done at other Santa schools throughout the country.”

Why become Santa? Well there are unlimited reasons, but to put it simply this is the best job in the whole world. There is nothing that compares to seeing the joy and wonderment in a child’s eyes when meeting Santa. Santa is the ultimate gift giver and adored by all. You will laugh, you will cry, you will share some of the most beautiful and intimate moments with perfect strangers. Then there is the fact that as a mall Santa, you can get a job almost anywhere in the United States for 5 to 7 weeks every November & December. You will be paid to go to the city of your choice, given nice hotel accommodations and a rental car, and the only expense you will have is the food you eat. Locations can be in exotic places such as Asia or Hawaii; coastal and warm like Florida; maybe snowy and cold like Montana; or a major metropolis such as Boston, New York, Chicago or Los Angeles.

Being Santa may look easy, but it’s only because the professional inside the “Red Suit” has the experience and skill to make it look that way. Portraying Santa requires you, of course, to love children! It also requires a thorough knowledge of how to handle various situations Santa may encounter. The Northern Lights Santa Academy provides the training for Santas, Mrs. Claus and Helpers to master these situations. Courses are tailored to the needs of students and reflect the latest instruction methods. Anyone interested in learning about the industry or becoming a Santa is welcome, and would benefit from attending the school.

Come join us and your fellow students in the joys of bringing the holiday season to life!