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Missy Boggs

Stylist and Guest Instructor, Missy Boggs, will present a hair whitening demonstration on the evening of Friday, April 21st. Whether you are staying at the hotel or not, all students registered for our April school are welcome to attend.

Missy has been in the hair and beauty business for over 33 years. In addition to her salon work, Missy has worked for the television and film industry, as well as stage productions. Missy opened her own salon in Historic Roswell and owned it for nine years before selling it and joining the team at Plum Tree Salon and Spa sixteen years ago, where she still maintains a thriving clientele today. Missy specializes in hair color, color correction and retexturizing.

Missy’s latest venture has been the launch of Snow on the Roof Santa Hair. Realizing that Santas needed a gentler and healthier hair whitening experience was an eye opener and a mission that Missy felt needed to be addressed. Branching off from her regular salon business, Missy now devotes two days per week out of her schedule to hair whitening for the Santa community. Her enthusiasm and dedication to helping Santas look their best has earned her high praise from those she has worked with. And for Missy, entering the Santa world has been an exciting adventure and a breath of fresh air! She loves spending time with Santas, and listening to all the wonderful, magical stories they tell.

Missy is excited to bring her hair color expertise to the Northern Lights Santa Academy in April! Missy will demonstrate her gentler hair whitening experience on Friday evening, and will offer some tips on how Santa’s can best maintain their “Snow on the Roof Santa Hair!”

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Lights, Camera Action NLSA

Photographer “Aloha Bob” Moffa returns to the Northern Lights Santa Academy for our April session! He will teach a class on how to work with photographers, as well as offer individual photo sessions throughout the weekend for those of you who wish to have professional photos for your portfolios. The photo sessions will be free of charge. However, if you wish to purchase photos from your session, there is a minimum purchase of $50, for 2 professional retouched images. Additional retouched images can be purchased for $25 per photo.

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Don’t miss Santa Rick Rosenthal and Santa Ed Vinson’s joint class on “Unforgettable Home Visits, Parties and Events” at the April session of the Northern Lights Santa Academy. Santa Rick and Santa Ed will present guidelines and tips for booking and performing at both private and corporate events. For more information or to register, please visit

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Becoming Santa - NLSA Spring 2017

Santa Willie Williamson will present a road map to success for starting your Santa business.  Whether you are brand new, or are an experienced Santa who wants some guidance in how best to setup your Santa business, this class will benefit you. 

Topics covered will include:
Business Plans
Choosing and Registering your Business Name
What Business Structure Should you Choose (sole proprietor, LLC, S Corp)?
Taxes and Insurance
Santa Wardrobe and Accessories
Your Santa Beard
What Type of Santa Do You Want to Be?

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Don’t miss Santa Magic’s hands-on, interactive workshop on “Magical Santa Moments” at the April NLSA school session!
Larry “Santa Magic” Talbert has been “marketing with magic” for years in his “other” profession in the insurance industry.  Larry started in the business 33 years ago and when he started utilizing magic as part of his marketing plan, he grew his business over 400% in less than 8 years. Magic became his trademark and being an amateur magician was the most fun he had until he became Santa.  When Larry decided to put on the Red Suit it was only natural that he took the name of “Santa Magic”, as he loves incorporating magic into his Santa persona!
Santa Magic will share some fun and easy tricks that you can incorporate into your repertoire that will help create a magical and memorable impression and enhance your client’s overall Santa experience.
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Concept image with What is Your Story printed on an old typewriter

Santa Jeaux returns to NLSA with a follow-up to his popular “Art of Storytelling” class. Santa Jeaux’s April session will provide a more intensive 3-part class designed to help students create and/or expand their own storytelling skills by working with ideas for their character’s development and personal background story. Whether you are brand new Santa or a well seasoned entertainer, your performance can be improved, and the feelings of your heart better felt by others, through the enhancement of your own performance skills. So plan on being involved as you learn something that you can, with a little practice, use in your portrayals during the Christmas season. Santa Jeaux will draw upon all of his years of knowledge and experience in the performance arts to present a fun, informative and interactive class!

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Santa Hospital Visits

We are proud to announce that Santa Gordon Pugh will be a Guest Speaker at our April session to discuss “Santa and/or Mrs. Claus Visits to Chronically/Terminally Ill Children. Gordon made his first appearance as Santa over 30 years ago at a local mall in the Birmingham area. Since then, he has worked regularly with sick, injured and chronically ill children, both as Santa, and in his professional career as a counselor, therapist, and as Chaplain of Children’s Hospital of Alabama, where he has worked since 1999. A seasoned public speaker, Gordon has regularly presented at the Association of Professional Chaplains Conference, the Pediatric Chaplains Network Annual Forum, the Alabama Chaplains Association, as well as various universities, hospitals and hospice facilities.  Gordon is looking forward to offering his unique perspective, as both a Santa and a professional in the children’s healthcare industry, so that we may provide the most meaningful Santa experience possible to ill children and their families.

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We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who helped to make our September school session such a success.

A big thank you to all of our incredible guest instructors Deborah Beeson, Stephanie Floyd, Jess Wal Foster, Ansley Johnson, Heidi J. Moore, SantaJoe Pridgen, and Santa Ed Vinson for giving their time and for sharing their knowledge with us.

Thank you to our wonderful vendors TomCortemeglia, Robbie Hite, Debra Medley, Aloha Bob Moffa, and Willie Smith for being a part of our school.

Thank you to the vendors and the individuals who generously donated door prizes for the raffle.

Thank you Denise Ruiz and all the staff at Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta North Point for being such welcoming and accommodating hosts.

Thank you to the Richmond Baking Company for the donated cookies on all the tables.

And last, but certainly not least, we want to acknowledge our very first graduating class. We had over 70 Santas, Mrs. Clauses and Santa’s Helpers in attendance and we cannot thank all of you enough for your overwhelming response and for being a part of our school.

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our vendors

We are pleased to announce our Vendor Showcase for Santas, Mrs. Claus and Holiday Professionals at the September 17-18th school session of the Northern Lights Santa Academy. The following vendors have been confirmed, and we have others tentatively scheduled, that will be announced shortly.

Santa’s Clauset
Tom Cortemeglia
A wide variety of Santa supplies and accessories

Robbie’s Creations
Robbie Hite
Custom tailored Santa and Mrs. Claus wardrobe and accessories.

Deborah Medley
Mrs C’s Clauset
Custom tailored Santa and Mrs. Claus wardrobe and accessories.

Santa Willie Smith
Leather items, belts, suspenders, bells, Naughty & Nice books